Facilities 1 R_D

Research & Development

At TPI All Seasons, we put an effort in innovative research and development of EVA materials and their properties testing according to Thailand and International Testing Standards.

Facilities & Equipment

UV Exposure Testing

To simulate UV exposure for
testing of yellowness according
to IEC standard.

Volume Resistivity

To measure the resistance of
leakage current through an
insulating material.

Universal Tensile Testing

To determine tensile strength,
elongation and adhesion of
EVA encapsulant film.

LabScan XE Spectrophotometer

To measure the color of
material before and after
long-term testing.

UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

To determine light
transmission and UV cut-off.

Damp Heat Chamber

To simulate temperature and
humidity environments
according to TIS and IEC
standards for long-term study.

Gel Content Laboratory

To determine % gel content,
which indicates cross-linking
of EVA encapsulant.

DSC Machine

To determine cross-linking
enthapy of EVA encapsulant film
(curing properties, AH).